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Hydration & POTS

Hydration & POTS

💧💦 Let’s talk hydration!! I was diagnosed with POTS in Phoenix, AZ. That one sentence should tell you that I’m...

How to get out of an Emotional Rut in 5 steps | Combatting Lethargy & Listlessness

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes, but I have a few symptoms that are really hard to deal with:...

Image of Brooklyn hooked up to an IV in a t-shirt and leggings

What I Wear to an IV Therapy Appointment

Hi friends! Continuing our IV therapy theme I wanted to write about what to wear to an IV therapy appointment....

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5 IV Therapy Complications

IV therapy is the most effective treatment I’ve ever done. While I’m grateful for the benefits I’ve received, I’m going...

Brooklyn looking nervous in an IV chair

IV Therapy: What it is and How it Works

I have spent the last 6 months undergoing IV therapy. Before I started it, I heard a lot about it...